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Covid Protocols


Affinity Dance Covid Protocols
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LET'S DO THE SAFETY DANCE - Everything you need to know about Affinity Dance protocols!

Last revised: November 20, 2020

1. All Parents/Dancers must sign our COVID protocol waiver and submit to the studio. All Staff will check in, via email, prior to their evening to teach to confirm they are well and to the best of their knowledge, haven't been exposed to anyone sick.

2. All dancers over 4, as well as staff must wear masks in the studio and common areas until further notice.

3. This season, no parents or visitors are allowed to wait in our foyer. We are asking all parents to drop off at your assigned entry. You are welcome to drop off and leave once your dancer has entered the building. However, parents of dancers age 6 and under are asked to remain in the parking lot for the duration of the class. There is an exception for baby dance. These parents are allowed in the foyer during the class with masks on.

4. Parents need to be mindful of social distancing in the parking lot during drop off and pick up.

5. Assigned entries - A for the Sweat and Loft Studio, B for the Affinity Too Studio, C for Affinity Also and D for our Garage studio.

6. All studios/classes offered have a limited occupancy. 13 people for the Garage and Sweat studios (11 students and 2 staff max), 9 people for the Loft, Affinity Too, and Affinity Also studios (7 students and 2 staff max).

7. Dancers should not be dropped off early to class. We are asking Dancers to be dropped off 2-5 minutes before their scheduled class time. Our floors need time to dry in between class cleanings. Dancers will not be permitted to wait in the foyer. As well, pick up from dance class must be done promptly to avoid contact with other groupings of dancers. We will all need to work together to keep space and flow between entering and exiting class. Thanks in advance for this parents and dancers!

8. Dancers will need to enter the studios one at a time. Please wait on the markings provided until it's your turn to enter to ensure distance while washing hands, storing belongings and finding your X.

9. Once a group has entered their assigned entrance and studio, they will remain in that space for all classes for the evening/year. Teachers will move from studio to studio to keep traffic and contact with other to a minimum.

10. Dancers must keep all belongings in their backpack. Each dancer is responsible for bringing multiple water bottles. We will not allow dancers to refill bottles at the sink. If a dancer has a longer night, any snacks they bring must be quick, easy and not messy. All garbage must go back in the dancer’s backpack.

11. All studios have clear markings on the floor where dancers are to start class to maintain distance. Markings are also provided so dancers can stay spread out when dancing across the floor. All dancers are asked to be mindful of the markings and work on maintaining social distance in class.

12. Dancers will not be allowed to change attire or hair between classes. Footwear only is allowed to be changed.

13. Floors will be sprayed between every set of new dancers. Cubbies and hooks sanitized as well.

14. Hand sanitizer is provided in all dance studios and the foyer. All students must use hand sanitizer at the end of each class.

15. All doors and windows will remain open throughout the year to maximize air flow. Yes, even in our colder months. This is a great opportunity to buy some sweet legwarmers. We will not be using fans or air conditioners during any classes.

16. No Dancer or staff member is permitted to come to affinity if they are sick or unwell for any reason. No dancer or teacher will be permitted to come to affinity if they have possible been exposed to someone who is ill. No Dancer or teacher will be permitted to return to Affinity until a 14-day quarantine has been completed (in the event they are out of the country). All these rules apply to our parents as well.

17. Any dancer who has had a COVID test and is awaiting results will not be allowed to attend. As well as any dancer with a sick household contacts or members of household awaiting COVID test results will not be allowed to attend.

18. We have a safe space for a student to go to in the event that they develop symptoms while at dance. Our small “office” in the foyer is where dancers must remain while waiting for their parents to pick them up, in this situation.

19. Zoom classes are available for all classes, except acro. A Dancer can zoom from home, as well as an instructor can teach the class via Zoom from home. In the event that a teacher must instruct class via Zoom. A parent volunteer will be asked to sit in during the class time. If you prefer to zoom for the year, this is an option.

20. Anyone wishing to Zoom classes for the evening must notify via email before noon on the day of their class. Please email

21. In the event of a return to closure or restrictions, we will offer our full dance schedule via Zoom (except acro).

22. There will be no reception available this year. Lauren will be working from home and all inquiries will be done via email. Dance questions/concerns and etransfers email to Allison at All account, registration, and other administrative needs email to Lauren at Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns about anything.

23. Our focus through the fall and winter months is training and development and of course, fun!Fingers crossed we can hit the stage come the new year!


All dancers age 4 and up to wear masks for dance class

All dancers age 4 and up wear masks for class, as well as staff.

Just a reminder to make sure your dancer/s are washing their hands before class. We will still be keeping doors and windows open for lots of air flow. Fitted warm clothing is a great idea! And most important staying home if you feel un-well.

Thanks to everyone who has been doing this and taking advantage of our ZOOM! I cannot thank you enough for your support. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.


Affinity Dance Zoom Class Protocol

We wanted to make sure everyone knows the protocol for Zooming classes. If there's ever a need to zoom due to illness or possibly being exposed and needing to stay home... well we can zoom classes! 

If you need to zoom, Allison will have to receive an email BEFORE NOON the day you need to zoom, as there is a bit of set up and prep for the teachers to make that happen. For sure we can't do it last minute. 

Please email Allison directly at


Affinity Dance Zoom Classes

Teachers will be zooming to your kids from the studio at their normal class times. Links will be sent (got a little figuring out to do) asap. We will make them recurring. So please keep those emails/links in a place where you can find them easily. All private lessons scheduled can continue at the studio as normal, in their scheduled times. Masks on for this please.

I know some of you may be concerned about space at home to do this. The teachers will do their best to make the work about conditioning and not big across the floor work. I know we can have fun and keep the kids on track with their training! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns! Thank you from myself and all the staff for your support at this time.

How you can prepare:
1) Have access to laptop or iPad or smartphone (in order of preference).
2) Be connected to wifi or data.
3) Download the ZOOM app.
4) Create personal ZOOM account.
5) Clear out or seek ample dancing space designated for class times. (ideally somewhere that your entire body can be captured by your device)

Allison Law

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