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Zoom Classes VS Dance Routine Videos on Dakiki App

Last revised: September 29, 2021

About Zoom Classes...

Hey families!  

I wanted to reach out to everyone to have a more formal conversation about Zoom classes/staying home sick. I know I am speaking on behalf of all the staff at Affinity that Zoom teaching for a dance class is, well, just plain awful! Zoom dance class only really works if everyone in the class is zooming. When we have one or two kids home and the rest of the students in class, it's very challenging. Challenging for the instructor to keep kids in the class engaged (zoom can be distracting for younger ones in class) and keeping the kids engaged at home (where there can be lots of distractions). And don't even get me started on technology glitching, or WiFi not working or Zoom links not working or not reaching the destination they are required to be. A lot of class time is wasted trying to get everything set up and working. Also if kids are sick, it's a good thing to be taking the time to rest and get better. Dance class will be here when you are ready to come back. For those that have had an exposure and aren't sick… well it's a bummer to have to sit out but we think we have a better solution.

New - Dance Routine Videos on Dakiki App

We will be taking the approach to film exercises and choreography in class and post to our company FB groups. We are also working on getting videos posted in our Dakiki app and then are sent to the class. This will then work for any our recreational classes too. We also have multiple classes in the various genres and would love to encourage doing a make-up class if it works for your schedule. One major benefit of having class recorded is the kids can use the recordings multiple times to practice with and refer to. Also if a dancer is home sick, they can watch the videos and practice when they are feeling better. Our main goal is that dancers aren't returning to the studio and way behind what their group or class is doing. So please practice, practice, practice at home.

Allison Law

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