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Carla Stewart - RAD ballet instructor at Affinity Dance, Surrey, BC  

Carla Stewart
RAD Ballet Instructor

Carla began dancing at the age of 2. She trained at the Goh ballet, Flora Pigeau Dance Academy, and Cameron Dance Academy. As a young dancer Carla enjoyed many wonderful training and performance opportunities. Her most memorable experiences include weekly classes with Miss Pigeau, RAD exams, workshops and master classes at the Goh, Arts Umbrella down in Granville, and Royal City Youth ballet, competing in Surrey, Coquitlam, and Chilliwack festivals (favourite categories included ballet open solo, open duo, ballet set, and musical interpretation!), yearly recitals with Miss Pigeau, summer schools at the Royal Winnepeg Ballet, and Pacific Northwest Ballet, dancing many (almost all!) the roles in the Royal City Youth ballet Nutcracker, and countless other workshops and classes, and performances.

Carla 'retired' from dance training when she was 16 because of a health issue and rekindled her passion for dance when she began teaching at the age of 18. Carla loves teaching! Carla began her teaching certification with the RAD and is now a certified and fully registered teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance and a member of the Canadian Dance Teachers Association.

After teaching for a few years she decided to take the Kindermusik educator training which helped her to gain a better understanding of music training, how to foster musicality in young students and connect it to creative movement, as well as early child development and 'how children learn'. 

In 2005 Carla opened her first school 'Carla's Academy of Dance' in Abbotsford, B.C. The studio became home to over 150 dancers in the area, and made many happy memories before it was sold in 2009 after Carla had her first child. With the success of her first school, her experience as a teacher, a dancer, and a mother. Carla opened Aspire in 2012 to build a place where passionate dancers are crafted, friendships are formed, and happy memories are made.

In 2014 Carla once again upgraded her training with the Acrobatic Arts teaching certification knowing that acro dance greatly increases strength, balance and flexibility in dancers and has become an essential component of dance performance today. Recently Carla again expanded her training with a certification in Marie Walton Mahon's innovative Progressing Ballet Technique program.

Carla uses her combined knowledge and skills in dance, music, and acrobatics to create technical, musical, strong, fit, flexible, and versatile dancers. She knows that discipline and respect are tools that are needed to train successful dancers, and her students know that she teaches this way out of love and makes creating beautiful dancers a shared goal in her classes.

Carla enjoys talking with, and observing children and finds that in this way she can tune in to how each child perceives the world and how they learn best. Carla believes that dance is a beautiful art form that can take a special place in one's heart, and benefit people in many different ways. She trains students as potential professional dancers, future teachers, and life long lovers of music, art and movement.

Carla has dedicated her life to enriching people's lives with the many gifts that dance has to offer and looks forward to continuing her professional development.

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