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Simone Perrie - Jazz, Lyrical and Hip Hop instructor  

Jazz, Lyrical and Hip Hop Instructor

Simone Perrie was born and raised in Langley B.C., where she began her dance training at Affinity Dance at age 6 taking RAD Ballet and Jazz. By the age of 8 she had begun to expand her knowledge of dance by beginning to train in other styles such as Lyrical, Tap, Hip Hop, Modern, Contemporary, Stage, and the Cecchetti Ballet syllabus. She stayed in the Affinity Dance company program all through her teenage years allowing her to learn from the best teachers Affinity had to offer, and even began assisting classes to learn from them the art of teaching.

Along the way she also received many opportunities outside the studio to gain more experience and knowledge about her craft, particularly through Jocelyn Peden and PRP. Simone initially started off doing volunteer work for PRP at events such as the One Year Countdown To The Olympics, The Unveiling Of The Olympic Mascots, and The Special Olympic Opening Ceremonies. Later she went on to perform in the 2011 and 2014 Grey Cup Half-time Shows, and also became a consistent performer at the PNE.

Though Simone has invested a great deal of her time into becoming educated in the world of dance, she also thoroughly enjoys being an artist. Luckily for her dance and art go hand in hand, and she can often be found helping to create props for coming year during the fall months. Being an artist and having to create images on paper consistently, has helped push Simone to become a choreographer. At the age of 14 she had choreographed her first solo and fell in love with the process.  Dance is an art, and creating art is what keeps her happy. Now that she has graduated Simone cannot wait to become an official staff member and choreographer for Affinity Dance. 


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