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What's New?
Calendar of Events
Recreational Dress Code
Recreational Etiquette
Recreational Studio Policies
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Calendar of Events
Recreational Dance Dress Code
Recreational Dance
Studio Policies
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Affinity Dance

Our recreational program is meant for students wanting to learn the fundamentals of dance and have fun while doing it!

Parents, we encourage you to keep yourself updated on the current info. We ask for your
support and understanding on all studio policies.

1. We encourage you to stay up to date on all the current information. Make sure to check
your email regularly, as that is how we communicate the information. Also, check our
website frequently because we will have information posted on
there as well.

2. Substitute teachers may be required on occasion (i.e. Due to competition events, illness, etc.) Students are still expected to attend class even if it is not their regular teacher instructing.

3. We ask for your understanding on class cancellations due to competition. We will always do our best to reschedule classes or offer a credit.

4. If your child starts attending a new class or if you withdraw from one of your classes you must advise Lauren immediately at We need to keep all of our records up to date.

5. If you decide to withdraw from any of all of your classes, please inform Lauren at immediately.

6. You will be notified of any fees owing by email. All notifications will include a deadline that the fees must be paid by. Any fees overdue by two weeks will be subject to an additional late charge of 5%. We accept the following methods of payment for all fees:
Cash/Cheque/Debit/Visa/MC/Amex. If you are unable to make it into the studio, you can
send cash or cheque with your child or phone reception with a credit card number.

7. We have a lost and found in our reception that will be emptied at least three times
throughout the year (Xmas, Spring break, and summer). You will be notified by email at
least one week prior to ensure you’ve looked through the lost and found.

8. We require a parent rep for each recreational group. The role of a parent rep is to be a
liaison between the parents and the instructor to help organize costuming and
communicate special information to the group. You would need to discuss with the
instructor their costume ideas. You may be asked to help purchase costumes, though
you would not be in charge of collecting any money from parents. You would not be
expected to assist with any sewing. Costumes will be any where between $50 and $75.

9. Our recreational dancers are expected to perform in our year end show held in June, specific dates to be confirmed in the fall.

Attention Students & Parents!

Below are a few things to note:
1. Please wait to go up the stairs until the class before you has finished. This reduces the traffic on the stairs between classes and minimizes the noise level that is distracting to the teacher and students.

2. We ask for dancers to not change their attire in between classes, unless they have at least 15 minutes break.

3. It is important that the students store their belongings in the cubbies or tucked under the benches, which helps prevent lost items. Please put all your belongings in your dance bag before storing it in the cubbies/under the bench. Please don’t leave bags and items lying around. The Lost & Found will be donated at the end of each month.

4. Students, please clean up after yourselves! There are garbage’s, paper & bottle recycling bins – please respect our space. Please rinse out all containers that are being recylced. DO NOT throw paper bags in the garbage please recycle! A reminder to not throw food scraps in the garbage and to take home instead.

Attention Parents!

Below are a few things to note:
1. Please inform Lauren about any changes in your child’s dance schedule. It is important that we have the correct information on file.

2. If your child is unable to attend class, please email Allison at Company & Competitive students are not to miss more than 3 classes.

3. Please DO NOT PARK in front of the studio at any time; it is dangerous for the kids walking to the vehicle. It also creates a traffic jam when parked vehicles are backing out of their stalls. Please park in the parking stalls available. Refrain from parking in front of the windows/door of Hydraulic Supply (at the side of the building) from 3:30-5:30. There is lots of equipment transferred that could scratch cars. Please NO ENGINES RUNNING!

4. We would prefer parents wait in their vehicles while their child is in class and not inside. Parents are welcome to come in to drop off and pick up though and of course use the washroom at any time.

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